Housing Finance Courses

In spite of the appreciable growth of housing finance system in India, the housing shortage is still on the rise. As of FY 2007 (viz. the end of the Xth Plan, 2002-07), the total urban housing shortage itself in India was 24.71 million units, apart from shortage of 7 million rural housing units. Therefore, housing finance companies have to be more active operationally, in times to come, which in turn requires a pool of professionals trained and educated in this specialized field.

Though, huge number of professionals is required in almost all specialized areas of housing finance, professionals dealing with public/consumers such as loan processing officers, counselors, sales professionals, credit appraisers etc. are more in demand than other categories of professionals.

In order to meet the huge manpower needs of various housing finance companies and commercial banks, EduMark conducts short term job oriented courses in different areas. Through these job oriented courses, EduMark trains people as per the needs of these employers. EduMark develops knowledge and skills of course participants, as per job specifications of banks and housing finance companies. At present, we offer the following Job Oriented courses in housing finance sector: