Want to start a property brokerage firm?

April 20, 2011

If you want to start your own property consulting business but don’t know what to do next, then this article is for you.
You have very closely seen the growth of real estate and property business in India. Infact, you have seen people raking money in property brokerage business. Now, you want to start your own property consulting firm but are not sure of the processes required. Infact, you know everything about this business but when it comes to actually starting it, you don’t what to do and where to start from. You have several ideas in mind and get as much advice as many experts are there. Still you are not clear of steps that you should take-Probably you need somebody who can guide you step-by-step by telling you what you do the next.
On the other hand, though there are advisors and management consultants who advice individuals and organisations about starting a business but their service charges are usually much higher than your total budget for this business. It is due to this need and to promote real estate entrepreneurship in India, EduMark Education Services started a program ‘Planning and Starting a Property Consulting Business’.
Through this program, EduMark provides you with step-by-step guidance to plan and start your own property related business. Infact, EduMark offers you more than the guidance-It offers you a network of mentors who are experienced real estate entrepreneurs and professionals who will enrich you with their knowledge and experience. In addition EduMark offers you a platform for each and every query, enquiry and needs of yours.
Key features of this program:
In this highly structured program, EduMark (http://www.edumarkindia.in) offers you knowledge and resource in three categories, as follows:
Subject Knowledge: Property Law, Brokerage & Marketing
First, the subject knowledge in which you get knowledge about legal aspects of property, property brokerage and property marketing e.g. various forms of property ownership, acquisition and transfer of title, free hold and lease hold interests, title search, contracts, property transaction process, property listing and brokerage, marketing of properties etc. However, EduMark’s objective is that once you are trained from EduMark you should be able to provide all related services to your clients under one roof and that you should not loose any clients because of lack of knowledge. Therefore, EduMark also teaches you about other but related areas such as home loans, tax advantages of home ownership, transactions related to NRIs and PIOs, title insurance, property management etc.
Formation of Company and Government Approvals:
Second, EduMark guides you about the process and relative merits and demerits of various types of companies such as proprietorship, partnership and private limited companies. You get complete knowledge about availability & registration of names as well as registration of companies. EduMark further helps you in registering with various Government authorities such as service tax, income tax etc. among others.
Starting property broking activities:
You have now knowledge of the property market and have established company. Now you want to start the actual activities. Therefore, EduMark now helps you associate with and get agency of leading property developers. It helps you join network of leading consultants. Mentors at EduMark helps you plan your marketing and promotion activities and use technology in actually promoting reaching upto your clients-the home buyers. Mentors further help you recruit and train suitable employees for your organisation. EduMark and its mentors further help you network with different players in the market.
Overall, EduMark’s ‘Planning and Starting a Property Consulting Business’ is a program that offers hand holding service to those who want to start their own property consulting business. To know more about this course, please visit www.edumarkindia.in or mail to :edumarkvet@gmail.com

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