Top 10 sectors: 4.3 crores jobs in the coming years!

April 27, 2011

From retail to pharma, commercial agriculture and healthcare, here's what you need to study good career.

by Careers360
THE conflict between animals and humans has increased of late. Mahi Puri, an MSc, Environmental Sciences student gives us an example. “Elephants seasonally migrate from Orissa to Jharkhand via Chattisgarh. But due to mining activities in Chattisgarh forests, the pachyderms directly come in contact with workers and their villages leading to fatal clashes," she explains.
The 25-year-old TERI University student, who volunteered with wildlife organisations for five years, makes her point. It takes a new breed of professionals to handle such conflicts and ensure that development happens without too much ecological devastation. Welcome to the world of Developmental Officer or Environmental Manager, a career that never existed ten years ago.
For the second consecutive year, we attempted to identify those sectors and careers that provide the maximum number of exciting opportunities in the coming year. What are the skill sets needed to enter these sectors? Where are the jobs? The results came as a revelation.
While Banking, Pharma, Retail, IT and Education remain the top sectors where most of the action happens, a whole new range of sectors have emerged out of the blue. The new job guzzlers are – Ethical Tourism, Design Services, Shared IT Services, Real Estate and Food Processing.
The nature of jobs has also undergone a sea change. New careers like Chief Happiness Officer, Design Analyst, Risk Evaluator, and Sustainability Expert have come into being. Each of these jobs demand skill sets which are complex and cut across disciplines. So in addition to above average understanding of the domain, ability to learn quickly, draw lessons from diverse experiences and events and apply them to situations which are totally different are some of the new skill demands placed on the executive of today.
Where are maximum job opportunities?
Every sector is likely to grow where the technology involved has undergone a basic shift, or a new model of servicing them came into being, says E. Balaji MaFoi Randstad’s MD & CEO. For example, in Banking, still nearly 81 percent of the population has no access to formal banking channels. And since their saving potential is erratic, the serving model has to be cost effective.
The micro-credit revolution that swept the market recently is an example, which in its wake brought in more than 3 lakh opportunities for young graduates as lending and credit officers.
Balaji’s view is shared by other experts also. The notable aspect, however, is post-recession, almost all sectors have recorded growth (barring a few, like Real Estate) and a few made impressive gains.
According to experts some sectors hold a definitive sway in the coming 3-4 years like Banking and allied verticals, Telecom and some, like the green sector, will deliver the best in the coming 5-year horizon. Defensive sectors like Pharma will clock a steady growth.

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