About US

India’s education system, while emphasizes on theoretical knowledge and examination & marks oriented study, does not create any practical and employable skills in the students, which in turn prohibits students from getting suitable employment. The difference is between education and employability-It is this difference that EduMark aims to reduce through its Vocational Education and Training services (VET).

EduMark: The Game Changer

EduMark, the leader in vocational education and training services in real estate, is not only a training provider but a game changer. Its services are geared to inculcate professionalism and transparency in the Indian real estate market-the only missing elements of the Indian property market. EduMark’s innovative services are going to change the way real estate business is done in India and the way real estate professionals, especially real estate brokers and consultants, are looked upon by the society in general and home buyers in particular. We will keep you updated about our unique and disruptive services.

EduMark Team:

EduMark team consists of professionals from diverse functional, sectoral, geographical and educational backgrounds. Team members handling education & training services have experience in all aspects of knowledge and skill development for employment in different sectors of the economy. Infact, one of our differentiating features is the diverse background of our team members-We have functional and sectoral experts from sectors for which we run job oriented courses, we have human resource managers from these sectors who devise course and develop students the way employers want, we have sales & marketing professionals who work with employers to create employment opportunity for our students, we have academicians whose expertise are used in establishing the academic system…